We are a green tech startup aiming to develop sustainable circular economy solutions for emerging raw materials or technological solutions which do not have a standard model of trade or utilisation on the market.

What we do

What we do


Industrial hemp, despite being an interesting commodity and today target of research, does not have a significant position in the relevant markets such as, for example, the textile sector (despite its great tradition), the construction sector (where it is considered a novelty) and the green bioenergy sector (where it is completely ignored).



We attribute these shortcomings to economic and not technical issues, we develop and propose business models that make this raw material competitive with the feedstocks that currently predominate in the relevant markets.Environmental sustainability becomes an added value and not the only reason for purchasing.


With Big Data, companies today have access to a vast amount of information on a wide range of topics. There are new technologies that make it possible to know the opinion of possible customers about events, products or brands. Despite this opportunity, today, small and medium-sized enterprises make business decisions or launch marketing campaigns without taking advantage of these tools.



We have developed a technological solution that allows us to aggregate the Data Analysis of the social media, forums and press media on the network. We have developed a business proposal to make this tool affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Following the progressive legalisation of hemp at a global level, the growth in demand and supply of flowers and biomass for the extraction of cannabinoids for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets or for the production of cannabis light does not match the regulatory framework of each country. Therefore, production, processing, trade and sales activities are affected by this market instability.



We have developed secure and efficient supply chains for trading hemp raw materials and semi-finished products. We have founded a company, Monophases GmbH, which on the basis of this concept imports and exports hemp all over the world.

The Hemp Industry

The cultivation of hemp dates back thousands of years. All over the world, different cultures in different centuries have produced this raw material to make yarns for clothing from Asia to Europe, ropes and sails for European settlers or paper for the US Declaration of Independence. It was appreciated for the production of biofuel by Rudolph Diesel and Henry Ford successfully experimented with it in the automobile industry. Before it was branded as a narcotic, it was a raw material that competed with rival commodities such as cotton, wood, petroleum or plastic.

The recent demand for commodities that are environmentally and socially sustainable, as well as continuous discoveries in the medical/pharmaceutical sector, have brought hemp back to the center of an international debate that has favored its removal from the status of illegal cultivation. The challenge today is to devote the same commitment to research that in the past was reserved for crops such as corn or wheat in order to study its adaptability to the technological needs of the various industries to which this raw material can be used and at the same time contemplate economic models of circular economy that make the costs of production and processing accessible and affordable for all the various enterprises.


We aim to replace the headings "production waste" and "waste disposal" in business plans with the terms "assets" and "commodities".
We offer circular economy solutions that limit production waste by making processes more efficient with innovative technological solutions, that transverse the raw materials produced to several markets and transform what is currently classified as waste or by-product into commercial opportunities.


The projects, however industrial and large-scale, do not aim to impoverish or worsen the living conditions of the inhabitants of some areas of the planet in favour of enriching others. We aim to offer solutions that are economically attractive to the markets but which give local communities more or new opportunities.


The projects proposed by Monophases are aligned with our understanding of environmental sustainability.
Based on this principle. In the case of agricultural production we give importance to the fertilisers and pesticides used, the amount of water and the nature of the soil used. In the case of industrial production or processing, we assess the environmental impact in terms of pollution and energy absorption.

Supply Chain and Trading solutions
for Hemp Market

Trade in agricultural commodities is as old as agriculture itself. Therefore, just as the rules for cultivation are defined, so are the rules for import/export. But this does not apply to hemp. Following prohibition and the recent gradual legalisation, trade in this emerging crop involves unusual difficulties. The regulations of individual countries or states may vary (even within established institutions such as the European Union or the United States of America) depending on the by-product and the intended use of the commodity being traded.

Knowledge of individual regulations and experience in dealing with customs authorities are essential for successful transactions. Through our extensive international network, we have built functioning supply chains for our customers. With our partners in logistics, insurance, storage, analysis and legal assistance, we offer low-/zero-risk trading solutions. We aim to make hemp tradable as easy as any other agricultural product.


Small and medium-sized enterprises are often lacking in the use of intelligence tools for strategic activities such as product launches, marketing campaigns or local presence. These decisions are often left to the experience and intuition of individual entrepreneurs. It is not usual to involve the customer base to which these activities are addressed.

For this reason, we use Social Analytic to identify and anticipate consumer trends by monitoring keywords and opinions on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin; on the main industry forums and blogs; on the main magazines and newspapers. Constant monitoring of the relevant industry sector, as well as being the basis for high profitability in business, is the key to staying one step ahead.


Our Team

Reinhard Eder

Chief Executive Officer

Taimur Ahmed Ali

Chief Procurement Officer

Damian Eder

Chief Business Development Officer

Akash Sharma

Chief Technology Officer

Tobias Eder

Chief Financial Officer



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