We are a data-driven trading firm, specializing in the emerging agricultural commodity Hemp.

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The tradition of hemp cultivation dates back thousands of years. Across the globe, different cultures in different centuries utilised it. As cloth in China, ropes for European Settlers or paper for the declaration of independence of the USA. The plant had quite an impact. However, it’s superiority has been a thorn in many other industries sides of the 19th and 20th Century, leading to bad propaganda and the mostly global prohibition.

Recently, the plant was rediscovered in the context of sustainability and celebrates a huge comeback. With the technological advancements of today, the opportunities are vast.


The properties of the hemp plant perfectly align with our understanding of sustainability. It is growth & yield efficient, resilient, requires much less up to no pesticides and uses less water than most other crops.


Hemp can be manufactured into countless products and materials. They represent fabulous substitutes for many environmentally damaging ones, that currently dominate the respective markets. Our intermediation in large quantities of agricultural produce opens many opportunities for the vertical integration of new ideas.

High Growth

Although growth predictions vary a lot, there is global consensus about stable growth of the industry. New milestones are reached continuously. Hemp may be the forerunner of new agricultural commodities for the bio-economy.


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